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Arthur Lyons & Associates - Insurance Loss Assessors & quantity surveyors

Arthur Lyons & Associates are Ireland's longest established and most experienced firm of Public Loss Assessors. We specialise in the preparation, submission and settlement of insurance claims on behalf of clients who have suffered loss or damage to their property. We can help you settle your insurance claim and obtain your full entitlement, for damage to your property, resulting from the following: Storm Damage; Accidental Damage; Theft; Flood Damage; Fire Damage; Vandalism; Escape of Water - from burst water pipes, kitchen appliances (washing machines etc.), bathroom fittings (baths, showers etc.) and Attic Water Installations (storage tanks etc.).

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Why choose a loss assessor for your claim?
A loss assessor acts on your behalf as opposed to a loss adjuster who acts on behalf of the insurance company. The benefit of having a loss assessor working on your behalf is that we deal with the complete claim. This means that we will report your claim to the insurers, measure and quantify the loss, present and negotiate the claim on your behalf and agree the final amounts in respect of the loss. It is important to have someone acting on your behalf to negotiate the best possible settlement for you.
Why choose Arthur Lyons & Associates?
Disaster does not usually strike Monday to Friday. We provide a callout service seven days a week where you can contact Arthur Lyons at any time directly to discuss your claim. By choosing Arthur Lyons & Associates you can be guaranteed a professional service which focuses on getting the best result for you. We can advise you on every aspect of your claim from finding alternative accommodation to organising the reinstatement of your property.
Our experience & services
We are experienced in all types of insured losses covered under your policy including fire, storm, flood, escape of water (burst pipes, tanks, and water apparatus) escape of oil, subsidence and break ins/theft/malicious damage. We deal with all property claims including domestic, commercial, business interruption and increased cost of working (ICOW).

Our Services

Fire and Smoke Damage

A fire in your home is a traumatic experience which can leave you in a very vulnerable position. A fire can cause damage that you are not even aware of. The smoke which occurs as a by-product of a fire can cause as much if not more damage to your home. If items that are smoke damaged are not dealt with in the appropriate manner they can deteriorate and irreparable damage can result. Here at Arthur Lyons & Associates we have handled multiple types of fire claims which gives us the expert knowledge which allows us to advise you appropriately, prepare and submit your claim and negotiate the maximum settlement for you.

Storm and Flood Damage

Storm and flood damage can destroy your home. In Ireland due to the unpredictable nature of our weather, this type of damage has become very common. Here at Arthur Lyons & Associates our expert knowledge will help you by co-ordinating professional cleaners, contractors, and organising alternative accommodation so you can feel reassured . We will then prepare, submit and negotiate the maximum settlement due to you.

Escape of water

Burst pipes, tanks or any type of water apparatus are types of incidents that occur daily in households all over the country which can cause a considerable amount of damage to your home. At Arthur Lyons & Associates we will help you prepare a claim which itemises all of your belongings that have been broken, damaged or destroyed, prepare and submit your claim and negotiate the maximum settlement for you.

Third party Liability Claims

A third party claim at your home can arise through losses you have suffered as a result of someone else's negligence. We specialise in third party property liability claims resulting from defective workmanship, provision of defective materials, and defective design. In these situations we act on behalf of clients against the appropriate party. Our team have many years’ experience acting in some very high profile litigation cases arising out of third party property claims.

Other Areas

Other areas of expertise include oil damage to your property, subsidence, burglary, theft and malicious damage. Whatever the problem is you can be assured that Arthur Lyons & Associates has previous experience dealing with same.

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